Monday, August 23, 2010

The state that I am in

The driveway at the farm.

Belle and Sebastian, Tigermilk and The BBC Sessions

The state I am in: a little sunburnt, exhausted/refreshed, full from the gnawing on  life's juicy marrow.

In order:1) The weekend commenced with that which made Milwaukee famous. 2) Later at Teddy's, Clarke ordered the setup and 3) I the tamales. Top) We headed out Saturday for a weekend in the perfectly named Felicianas. 4) RIP Sportsman's Deli, where I usually get the bait and boudin for these weekends. Thanks for 27 years of service!  5) At the lake they have posted a "No Diving" sign at the lake. 6) We did anyway. There was birthday cake, endless trays of snacks, squealing sleepover country hijinks, fireworks!, beer and the subsequent shit talking among the best people and a number of rides back and forth to the lake in 7) the mule. 8) Maya proved herself to be the most capable fisherwoman, baiting her own hook and 9) catching here the first of like 16 fish she caught that afternoon. The secret is using the Whole Foods chicken sausage that the ants got into.

I agree with the girl in Muriel's Wedding that one should want life to be as perfect as "Dancing Queen" but that might be hoping too much. I am lucky that my gig is occasionally as full and sweetly detailed as a Belle & Sebastian song.

"The State that I Am In."


  1. I love that I read this while I am listening to & deeply grooving on Belle & Sebastian for the first time in a long time.

  2. They are so good. Like I kinda hate Jack Black a little for poisoning my mind against them for so many years from that scene in High Fidelity.