Saturday, January 10, 2009

Samuel Beckett YouTube Frenzy

What? Your pre-going-out ritual doesn't include watching modern theater at its most claustrophobic and bleak? Have you looked at the people out at the bar lately?

Fortify your defenses with some good old-fashioned existential crisis. You will feel like a social butterfly compared some of the folks below.

Seriously though, I'm constantly amazed by what is out there on YouTube. I hope the Smithsonian or someone has plans to sweep in and maintain it when its handlers grow weary of doling out all this bandwidth.

Film, starring Buster Keaton

Play, starring Alan Rickman

Breath, directed by Damien Hirst

and there is plenty more....

Here is a link to the Beckett on Film project, of which the above productions of Breath and Play are part.

And then there is this lovable furry variant of Waiting for Godot

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  1. I'm aware that this falls into the category of "No One Cares", but my senior thesis was titled "Captive Performers: The Body and Soul at Odds in Beckett's Theater" and it was a thirty-page examination of Beckett's purposeful separation of mind and body in Waiting for Godot, Endgame and Happy Days. I only mention this because there aren't that many people I can tell that to without a blank stare at best or an eye roll at worst. I'm more in the eye roll camp myself, but I do genuinely love me some Beckett.