Friday, January 16, 2009

M. Ward

M. Ward - Hold Time (in stores Feb. 17, streamed from NPR) Much as Zooey Dechanel totally does it for me, I didn't really fall all over myself for She & Him (lala), her duo act with M. Ward, like others did. But M. Ward, y'all... his records scratch that singular itch for something vintage that's not vintage. One of the songs on here (I don't see song titles on the NPR player) is the improbable but delicious mix of his olde time radio tone with Gary Glitter/David Essex plastic. The guy knows how to put together some music. Judging from this listen, it's no Transfiguration of Vincent (lala), and by that I mean it misses reaching that atmospheric layer where Vincent is hummed by the constellations, high on the lotus flowers that sprout on the highest clouds below them, by the same slim margin as do all his other records. It comes close, but if there is still air, it's not outer space.

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