Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"test post"

The devil at the end of my driveway.

Per Petterson, I Curse the River of Time 
David Bowie, Heathen 
Cluster, Curiosum 
Various Artists, Night Watch/Black Music
The Dave Howard Singers, various tracks from their website
The Royal Family and the Poor, We Love the Moon

Gastr Del Sol, Camofleur
Tuxedomoon, Soundtracks/Urban Leisure

  • The title I Curse the River of Time comes from a Mao poem. @MKupperman said something funny about the "let a thousand flowers bloom" quote but that was 3 days ago and I don't think you can go back that far on Twitter, so maybe it didn't happen. He will say other funny things, so he's worth looking at anyway. Also, it's a "hundred flowers." Not trying to be like that; I just found out myself.
  • Cluster made video game music in the age of wooden toys.

    Cluster, "Proantipro"

    Is that an actual tuba in there? Like an old street musician in lederhosen wondering why these art students hired him to just go "wump wuuuump wump" for six minutes? I think they had to make their own synthesizers out of old watermill parts. I forgot Bowie did a Pixies song. There is a Jacques Derrida track on that Night Watch/Black Music compilation, so watch out.
  • I've been trying for days to listen to Dave Howard Singers' "I Am a Bunny" from this compilation called (I thought) You Bet We've Got Something Against You, but last.fm has it as Absolute with most of the same songs. I'm not sure why; it is just him holding down most of the keys of an organ while going "I AM A BUNNY, I NEED A (garbled)" over and over, with an interlude of talking to a Dutch audience that doesn't understand what he's saying.

    Here he is mangling "Rock On."

    The heart wants what the heart wants. I could just buy the song, but what fun is that?
    Edited to add: I could also just look at their awesome website.
  • I tested the bracketed, truncated media commentary but I think it proved to be even less readable than this mess. It's all testing, all the time up in here. I'm going to call this "test post" just to see if a thousand page hits bloom like last time. I'm gonna sandblast off with Tuxedomoon and the Royal Family and the Poor. Good day!

    The Royal Family and the Poor, "Dominion"

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