Thursday, October 6, 2011

carnal mashup

Patio by night

Ernest Cline, Ready Player One
Nirvana, Nevermind
Melvins, Stoner Witch

Mudhoney, Since We've Become Translucent
The Delta 72, The Soul of a New Machine
Nation of Ulysses, Plays Pretty for Baby

  • Longtime readers will kindly endure the ongoing disparagement of my own dreams; when I do remember them, they are stupid. I had a dream last night largely about checking Facebook and through that discovering that a friend of mine had to prepare a different chicken recipe for everyone at work, which was really everyone in my class but not. My friend (who is associated with neither work or class) was coming up with terrible, labor-intensive recipes: just stuff it with canned peaches or cut up a Hershey bar and let it melt all over the outside while it bakes. I think it's because I fell asleep while watching Top Chef: Just Desserts. Or maybe just because DREAMS SUCK.
  • Why can't I just have a hot food fight dream about TC:JD host Gail Simmons? I'm kinda pickin' up what she's layin' down. Maybe reenact a 60's Carolee Schneeman happening but with ingredients from the Top Chef Kenmore Test Kitchen? That's the kind of cross-paradigm carnal mashup dreams are supposed to be about.

    Carolee Schneemann, "Meat Joy" (1964) Possibly NSFW.
  • Maya asked about Nirvana the other day. It was a perfect counterbalance for this morning's "get with it" school frustration lecture.
  • I missed out on this in 2002, but I dig Mudhoney with horns.

    Mudhoney, "Where the Flavor Is"
  • I'm gonna honk the rest of this day out with horned-up post-punx. You didn't miss out on the Delta 72 back when I was missin' out on Mudhoney, did you? Get with it!

    The Delta 72, "Floorboard Shake"

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