Monday, May 2, 2011

"Here's my weekend!"

Poblano pepper stuffed with queso, chorizo and cilantro. It looks like the Sacred Heart and fittingly, represents my own love for all of humanity. And how I like to eat that love.

It seems a touch irrelevant or maybe even irreverent to do a "Here's my weekend!" post given the big news but I don't know I have all that much to say on the big news. Thanks to everyone that works in ways that I don't even really understand to protect our freedom. Even when I don't agree with some of the methods in my limited-scope perspective, I like my freedom being protected. I like that being a goal of the Great Enterprise. It's a privilege to have the relative sanctity of one's freedom be an organizational goal.

I never want to be in the position of cheering on death, nor do I really believe in a boogeyman controlling a whole movement. "Freedom" is complicated business, one largely unaffected by any amount of heads on pikes.

Really, I just hope it comes to light that AQ high command was operating via stolen wifi from that same Abbottabad coffee shop from which the inadvertent blogger was posting.

Media: I got to talk to John Waite for 225. I am midst putting together some semblance of a Louisiana Festival Coverage post, but it's fair to say the Times-Picayune's Alison Fensterstock has pwned us all with her blow-by-blow of Tom Jones at JazzFest.
6:14 p.m. Panties are flying toward the band. The undergarments that don't make it to the stage land on the VIP ticket holders down front.
So, here's my weekend! What I heard:

Buzzcocks, A Different Kind of Tension
Mumford & Sons, Dumpstaphunk, Avett Bros., some badass Haitian drummers, Robert Plant, Wyclef Jean, Lil' Nathan & the Zydeco Big Timers at Jazzfest (Friday)
Charles Mingus, Blues and Roots
The Mountain Goats, All Eternals Deck
Rev. Douglas Bell & The Stage Cruisers, Nuclear Blast
Glen David Andrews, Walking Through Heaven's Gate
Donovan, Sunshine Superman
Polly Pry at FestForAll

What I ate:


1) Chicken fricassee, sautéed spinach and fried plantains from the Bennachin booth at JazzFest. Hat tip to Blackened Out for that suggestion; 2) The requisite JazzFest mango freeze to lower one's core temperature; 3) City Park right off where I parked. I ate up this scene in the metaphoric sense; 4) Morningstar Farm Chik-N sammich elevated by farmer's market fare; 5) Peach and cream snoball at FestForAll; 6) Amazing caramelized bacon at my friend John's place. With this I turned the corner on the whole make-dessert-out-of-bacon thing; 7) More meat and bacon and sacred hearts like the one at the top; 7) Bacon in the pre-carmelization phase with John's BBQ team banner in the background. Suspicious Rinds are going to be competing at Memphis in May next week, provided the Mississippi doesn't supercrest and destroy us all.

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