Tuesday, May 24, 2011


There is somewhere in the Polaroid library of time a similar shot of my friend's TRS-80 right after we looked at our grades on the school board computer from his living room.

My Morning Jacket, Circuital streaming from NPR
Bob Dylan (& the Band), The Basement Tapes
Boris, Attention Please
Bob Dylan, Slow Train Coming
Earth, Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1

Whenever I think about Bob Dylan's Christian years, I think about this story told about my paternal grandfather. His only daughter was a church type - her daughter, my cousin, ended up being part of some runaway's traveling gospel mission that got a segment on 60 Minutes done about them for sitting on kids that acted up. My aunt married the town drunk. In an act of Christian charity, she transformed him, they built a church and then a school and were together pillars of the community. Somebody asked my grandfather if he was proud of what she'd done, saved a wretch like he, made a good and honest man out of him. My grandfather looked at the guy and snorted, "Humph. I liked him better as a drunk."

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