Friday, December 17, 2010

Jeez Louise

My lunch yesterday at the Chimes: charbroiled catfish poboy with a side of red beans & rice. You can probably find this exact order embedded in my DNA.

The Soft Pack, The Soft Pack
Belle & Sebastian, Step Into My Office, Baby
Spoon, Transference
The Walkmen, Lisbon

It is the time for year-ending and I feel less defintive and more fickle than usual. I still think Titus is on top, but really the best album I've heard for the entire year that lasted from yesterday through today is the s/t debut from the Soft Pack. Jeez Louise, it's good...

The Soft Pack, "Parasites"

But then it is tapping all my right nostalgia buttons and that is terrible criteria by which to judge the music of Now, so where does that leave me? Back in spring, I'd've given a spare kidney to the new Drive-By Truckers album and the other night I couldn't think what it was called. I just dismissed Spon half-heartedly in a Facebook volley and here I am minutes later all over it. It's tougher than it looks, being an arbiter of taste and all.

Also, I've never given the Walkmen the time of day simply because I was such a fan of Jonathan Fire*Eater from whose demise they sprang and I never got over it.

Jonathan Fire*Eater, "When Prince Was a Kid"

But I'll do it, have no fear. Bullet points at the ready.

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