Wednesday, December 29, 2010

(and possibly more pooping robots)

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Clifford's Tower in York. William the Conqueror gloomily stares back from one of those windows at you, perhaps from his toilet.

York is British tourism heaven - at once Roman, Viking, Gothic, train-enthused, a little rainy, full up with quaintness colliding with crass commerce; old York reminds one a little of the French Quarter in that regard. We hit the big sites like York Minster, the National Railway Museum, York Castle Museum and maybe most germane to the usual posting habits of this blog, fish and chips and a pint of Mallinson#s Porker Porter from the Lamb and the Lion's selection of cask ales, just inside the old city walls.
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We saw this animatronic, below, finishing off the ride at the Jorvic Viking Center in style, doing exactly what it looks like he's doing, Flo over at the Viking center;s archeology annex showing off a petrified sample of that Viking handiwork. They kinda have a thing about poo over here.

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We have been in a blur of gorgeous Victorian train stations and quaint cabs in and about magical old York. Last night we got back and dig into a kebab fry up and today's adventures will include bacon sanries from the pub down the street, another train to Warwick castle (and possibly more pooping robots) and the loose promise of high tea. Cheers!

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Oh, and here is the sausage butty had at the York Castle gift shop. Let it be noted that even gift shop cafe food is worth noting here and that the universal understanding that British food is categorically horrible holds no water with me.

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