Thursday, February 5, 2009

sludging it out in the shadow of the goo goo muck

The Chrome Cranks - Diabolical Boogie (lala) I like these guys a lot - a friend made "Eight-Track Mind" his official theme song for a while - and while they have their idiom of speedball-wind down garage insouciance down to a science, it's not The Cramps. Not that they are trying to be or anything, but still. The Cramps took rockabilly/garage and gave it a sly pop star twist. Lux Interior was as pop star and any ingenue grinding away in the name of delivering a moment, except he did it in higher heels and a tiara. I am imagining Britney in one of her career suicide moves doing a lark raunchy rave-up duet with Lux of , say, a Tony Joe White song the Cramps, just for the cornpone sleaze video.

And yet, the Cramps kept it feral throughout most of their career. And was 62! The last time I saw The Cramps was at a House of Blues show where he must have been close to his fifties, skinny as a scarecrow in a leopard-skin bodysuit, grabbing a burly stage invader by the face and throwing him off-stage.
Boredoms - Super Roots 10 (OngakuBaka) I think the Boredoms are a little analagous to the Cramps in that they take their root document (Japanese trash noise) and imbibe it with a subtle but undeniable pop sheen. Boredoms evolved more than The Cramps ever did (the Cramps are much more about regress than progress) but there seems to be a connection right now in my mind. Maybe it is just death casting its shadow on the living that just happen to be in the way.
King Tubby - Majestic Dub (lala) I won't even try to connect this to the already loose threads, instead, like dub itself, I'll just move on.

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