Saturday, February 7, 2009

funk and etymology

B.T. Express - Function at the Junction (lala) They were originally called Brooklyn Transit Express, and like Chicago (originally Chicago Transit Authority) had their name truncated for saleability, which is puzzling to me, since if there is any music that is trying to take you and hundreds of thousands somewhere, it is funk. Plenty of room inside, mind the Gap (band). If you are looking for the funky grandfather of the currently omnipresent AutoTune, this might be a likely candidate.
Maze - s/t (lala) According to Wikipedia, Maze had a number of telling name changes, starting out as Raw Soul and toying with Karma and Charisma before finalizing with Maze. Confound that with their usually being known as Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. Are there non-Beverly Maze moments that one should avoid? And despite being a badass band name (and possessing an iconography that is untouchable on a t-shirt) I find Maze anything but difficult to navigate.
Graham Central Station - s/t Centered former Family Stone member Larry Graham, the name Graham Central Station is obvious simplistic genius. And while B. T. Express may have wanted to take you on a journey, it was Graham Central Station that indirectly gave you Journey.

The band's origins date from when Santana guitarist Neal Schon formed the band Azteca along with Larry Graham (bass guitar) and Gregg Errico (drums), both from Sly & the Family Stone, and Pete Sears (keyboards), from Hot Tuna and Jefferson Starship. Santana bass guitar player Tom Rutley would move into to the bass spot with Azteca. That band, like Santana with heavy Latin influences, would eventually morph into Graham Central Station, while Schon would find Journey.

Freddie Hubbard - A Soul Experiment (lala) On most of the tracks, consider the hypothesis to be correct. "Wichita Lineman" not so much

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