Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2 questions

  1. When I'm importing a CD in iTunes but playing something else, the song that's playing gets atomized, in that I think iTunes is using the same engine to make the mp3 that it uses to play it, thereby making the piece skitter, like it plays one bit of sound, stops and records a bit, then plays the second bit, and it gets more pronounced as you advance through the tracks. I didn't feel like looking for something else so I just let it go, and the sweet contemplative Lulu Suite by Alban Berg was transformed into robot monster Daft Punk out-takes. I'm considering recording it and declaring myself as founder/genius of yet a new strain of techno. So, iTunes users, does this happen to you?
  2. I got asked if I'd like to skate in the local production of High School Musical on Ice and write about my experience. I am unbelievably clumsy on ice skates and not all that graceful off them and the money I'll be paid for this will in no way counter-balance the time it will take to do it. On the other hand, it is unlikely that I will ever again be asked to be in an major ice show. So, ice show fans and otherwise, should I do it anyway?


  1. Yes. Do the ice show. Doooo the ice show. DO IT DO IT DO IT.

    I'll fly out for it!

  2. With. Out. A. Doubt. Once in a lifetime.

  3. With. Out. A. Doubt. Once in a lifetime.

  4. 1. I have a love/hate relationship with ITunes for this very type of thing. ITunes takes over my computer, and it assumes what I want... and it's wrong wrong wrong so many times. Then it makes big promises and takes on big tasks, but can't seem to do everything it promised. Then it is passive-aggressive and resentful. Sometimes it freezes up. But... it powers my beautiful, sexy, awesome IPod and all of its 160 gigs of sexy storage that is better than me or ITunes or anything else.

    2. I think I just crapped myself a little. You MUST do it.

  5. Do iT It will be your "Paper Lion"