Sunday, July 21, 2013

french fry poboys and ginger-cayenne snoballs


Today was the last full day of our friend Traci's decadent weekend of Louisiana eating so we used that as an excuse to go to New Orleans to get 1) french fry poboys at 2) Parkway Bakery & Tavern. We narrowed our choices to it and Stein's and she said she wanted the one Beyoncé and Obama went to. She got the classic roast beef for which they are widely known but I ventured off protocol and got 3) their house-made corned beef. Parkway has this condiment counter with a zillion options and a mix of remoulade, horseradish and creole mustard is the fuel for this corned beef sandwich to enter orbit.

We made our way through the drizzle to 4) Hansen's Sno-Bliz, venerable New Orleans snowball stand on Tchopitoulas. That unassuming-looking snoball is their own ginger-cayenne syrup atop an ice-cream stuffed snowball. What it lacks in usual snoball technicolor, it gains in flavor pyrotechnics.

The rest of our crew got vanilla bean and satsuma. Some lady from Chicago was standing outside picking at a really pretty one, but when asked, she didn't know what flavor it was. What's with some people?

Thank you so much, Traci, for coming to see so we could do all this fine dining. This post fails to contain just one day of her visit which also included Mary Lee Donuts and a Whole Foods-culled charcuterie plate.

Or the Fleur de Lis Pizza or the poboys from George's or the biscuits an dboudin from Frank's.  I'm using it all for my Gas Station Boudin book, so you'll eventually get the whole deal.

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