Tuesday, July 23, 2013

An Apotheosis of Tom Dr.


I'm not exactly exalting it like the definition suggests; this apotheosis is more along the lines of Dali's "Apotheosis of the Dollar," or at least how I understood it before I realized that he really did love money. I took it as tearing a dollar bill apart in his mind.

I taught a class at a small industrial company out on Tom Dr. in Baton Rouge's industrial north sector. There was little around the building except for 1) a funeral home and Club Elite. 2) The redbuds in the median seemed like Joshua trees, leaning against the heat. 3) This is a terrible photo but I really like the guard dog painted on the inside of the door for this lawncare trailer. 4) This is the saddest and also loveliest little gazebo. 5) I once applied for a job in this office building, the only one around this part of town.  Back in 199, it seemed like it was built from old Russian space station parts. I can only imagine what it is like in there now. Video tomorrow!

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