Friday, April 8, 2011

"boo fries"

My madeleine is an actual madeleine.

Jacks, tracks from Vacant World on YouTube
dos, Justamente Tres
Jonathan Richman, Jonathan, Te Vas A Emocionar! 
Samuli Kosminen, Kimmo Pohjonen, and Kronos Quartet, UnikoChiara String Quartet & Matmos, Jefferson Friedman: Quartets
  1. I got an Lazzaroni Amaretti di Saronnno cookie at Pocorello's today and it made me think how my father would always have a tin of those around and I'd sneak one and it was like eating the best sugar cone-without-the-ice cream ever, a luxury somehow more luxuriant than eating the same cone with ice cream.
  2. I have the windows open and dos (bass duo of Mike Watt and Kira who's-it from Black Flag) playing and a bird whistling along with their low warble and it is more gorgeous than it should be.
  3. I really like the new beta version of Rhapsody. It's got a Pandora-ish ease of use and the linking is pretty easy as well.
  4. I never think look at the key word searches that bring someone to this blog. The number two search after my own name for the last month is "boo fries."
  5. I just mapped out another book on scrap paper on my desk. I do this a lot, but I usually do this in a  blank Word document: like, make a pretend title page with the title in a suitably title-ish font and size. Eras Bold ITC, 36-point is good for the title, with the subtitle in 26 point. It looks like the title page of a 60's novel, one of those you should've read by now but haven't. Just big enough to be A Book. Then I leave it open on my desktop for a couple of days to see if it still looks good when I forget about it and click it back to life. But I never do it on scrap paper, and I really like the scrap paper form of it. Maybe if I leave them both on my desk, the book will write itself. Maybe whatever the book is about, I should call it Boo Fries. That + my name will bring in the readers in droves. The title I have on my fake title pages is not so far off from Boo Fries; maybe I should be open to this shift.

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