Tuesday, January 4, 2011

distorted glimpse down Scholar's Alley

alexchristmas 364
We also went to the Cotswolds and had lunch at this place. Jerri saw a steam train cutting across this very landscape while sitting outside.

Leo Kottke, 6 and 12-String Guitar
Fitzpatrick, McGrain, Gillet & Singleton, Pelican Sessions (New Orleans improv, free download)
Wire, Red Barked Tree (streaming from NPR)
Peter Lang, Thing at the Nursery Room Window

alexchristmas 362alexchristmas 349
This was the scene inside. Cask ale is a good idea as is lightly steamed cabbage and English sausage. You folks who had terrible English food went to the wrong places. At the table behind us, a group of jolly hikers enjoyed their pints in polite revelry with their dogs in tow; at ours, our tour driver invited himself to eat lunch with us and basically continued the tour of himself as he grew up in the area. Here is where his bachelor party took place, there is where he worked for Farmer Hoggins, that very pub is where he got this very scar, pointing at his head. All afternoon.

alexchristmas 312
This is Lord Somebody's house which contains the oldest brewery in England or something. We weren't really supposed to be driving up his driveway but we did anyway.

alexchristmas 323
I could kill some time in a place like Stanton.

alexchristmas 342
A pheasant on the left side of that fence.

alexchristmas 383
Anne Hathatway's house in Stratford-upon-Avon.

alexchristmas 379
I like this distorted glimpse down Scholar's Alley. Probably the only kind one should ever really have.

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