Friday, July 30, 2010

wait until Lucifer Rises

Kenneth Anger's film/commercial for Missoni

Maybe nobody cares about them any more but me, but I love Kenneth Anger's films. A lot. In my idealistic  college days I managed to help organize a screening of a worn VHS copy of his films (rented from a Blockbuster out in the suburbs) in the art school auditorium. People had heard of Scorpio Rising but were ultimately bored by it. I thought with sadistic glee, wait until Lucifer Rises! It takes even longer! 

Anyway, it appears the old devil still is kicking around and quietly making films like this little commissioned promo thing from the Missoni family to promote their fashion line. I haven't worn my experimental film nerd hat for some time so I might not be able to tell you what every little orgasmic splash of water or lick of flames means, but he's still got the stuff. Anger lives!

I've said it here before, but Invocation of My Demon Brother is my jam.

Kenneth Anger, Invocation of My Demon Brother. There is also a  version with commentary worth checking out.

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