Thursday, October 16, 2008

a feeling of fiery passion.

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Listening to the exquisitely titled For O, for O, the Hobby-horse Is Forgot for Percussion Ensemble by Sir Harrison Birtwistle, Pandora offered up the following "Features of this song":

Modern stylings
a chamber ensemble
non pitched percussion
chromatic harmony
atonal harmony
a moderate tempo
an exaggerated, dramatic aesthetic
a feeling of fiery passion
a sense of anxiety
a strict rhythmic feeling
which seems an almost clinical detailing of the highly expressive array of clatters and clanks, but that is how Pandora and its Music Genome Project work.

I got to show Pandora founder Tim Westergren around when he stopped in Baton Rouge on one of his whistle-stop tours around the country back in 2006, and here is the play by play.

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