Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun House Indeed: Hour 7 - "Dirt" is my undoing

I can't always make it through the regular version of "Dirt" - no, I no longer feel it when Ya. Touch. Me. Maybe if I had just the right amount of cough syrup in my system, I would be up for it, but now I must submit to dull rationality and let go. I skipped through the remain piles of "Dirt" to get to "Freak" the real meltdown tacked on to the end of this boxed set, a howling hissing demented end, and fuck, they do two takes of it. I can see why Warner Brothers left it off the record, but in equal measure, I'm not sure why they released Fun House the first place. The Stooges were amazingly unpopular and unprofitable in their day.

Summing up this fool's errand, I still think Fun House is some endgame shit, that those slingshotting past it are still tethered to the cliff. I think having this virus in rock's DNA was important, and maybe that's why Warner was behind it. I still really like this record, and I don't want to listen to it for quite some time. The question is: what can you reasonably listen to after all this?

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