Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Sunset during the art walk in our neighborhood. It was actually more hoppin' than this photo might suggest but I really like the sky and the wire and the bloody smear of brake lights.

We decided Lazy Lester is the coolest portrait from the mural of Baton Rouge blues musicians being painted by the mighty Charles Barbier on the side of the pawn shop near my house. It's the one that spells it "jewerly" on their sign.

This house down the street has a sunroom filled with bottles. It has only taken me a full nine years in this neighborhood to walk by it at night with a camera and catch its true magic.

I at all this during the mother's day feast at Big Al's in Houma. ~$15, though my brain was too swollen with food to actually read the check.

This is a rare portrait of my sister Anne, my niece Luna, my daughter Maya, my Mom and Dad, caught at the Jolly Inn in Houma before the band kicked in. I didn't mind twisting my ankle throwing Luna around the dance floor. Literal throwing, like dancing with a giant sack of coffee beans wanting to be slung.

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