Friday, February 22, 2013

The Music of 2/16/2013 - 2/22/2013

Here is the non-slideshow version of "The Music of 2/16/2013 - 2/22/2013" on Storify

Content: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds' PUSH BACK THE SKY is the most striking record I've heard this year. It is Sinatroid, infused with snuffed candle smoke, purposely oblique in its poetry, giving off the narrative aura the red leather upholstery might in the back corner booth of a bar.

Also covered: Skynyrd.

Format: I like the top 10 approach. I used to prefer the opening-of-the-ledger that the Internet allowed, but this  is tidy. Plus, it is largely for my own amusement, so I'll amuse myself.

Context: I will say this moody soundtrack matched my week that vacillated between stellar teaching moments and then some rather vivd nightmares. Thanks, brain! Terrifying me with the possibilities of real life - actual teaching moments - is no way to get me to adopt a normal sleep schedule.

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