Sunday, August 26, 2012


Sliders, Q Bowl, and Robot Devil sauce from Bushwood BBQ. The season has cycled to the point where we huddle in restaurants to watch the Weather Channel and pretend we understand meteorology. Then the bad Weather Channel music comes on and it clashes with the bad restaurant lite rock and I'm not sure, I'm no meteorologist, but that is a little like how storms are formed.

David Lipsky, Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip with David Foster Wallace 
Kronos Quartet and So Percussion, Reich: WTC 9/11, Mallet Quartet, Dance Patterns
Brad Mehldau, Highway Rider
XTC, Skylarking

Have I mentioned that my daughter listens to side one of Skylarking over and over? I want to gently inform her there is a side two, and that there are unique sonic pleasures to be found in "Sacrificial Bonfire" but whatever. There is a world of more maddening choices. That is what makes for hurricane preparedness around here. BBQ & XTC. I think we have some water but generally we don't need any. Maybe we'll just show up at your house if things get too primitive under Isaac's wrath. "Hi, everybody!" is what we'll shout from the driveway. "We're here!


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  1. that is some damn pretty bar b cue, but needs a little dressing up .... and a side o ~[real]~ brunswick stew