Thursday, February 23, 2012

her and she and hey and yes

Al Hansen, Calliope Venus... Lick Me Momma,1968, Hershey wrappers and sliver paint on plywood
27 x 25 inches (68.90 x 64.14 cm) ARG# HA1968-002 from the Andrea Rosen Gallery site

I had a dream last night that I'd acquired Calliope Venus at an estate sale. The estate sale people thought it was something one of the kids of the family had done. I will say that it was considerably larger in my dream.

As it happens, Maya was playing with the leftover foil from a Hersey's kiss in the car on the way to school this morning and asked if anyone had ever made a sculpture out of Hershey's kiss foil and I told her about Al Hansen, how he generally had one artistic end in mind - big booby lady silhouettes - and a number of means to get there - cigarette butts, text from magazines, arriving at Hershey wrappers because he could make her and she and hey and yes

I had it in my head (and dream) that the silver negative space was made from the candy wrapper foil.  The effluvia of silver paint is better. It is the reflective world forming her bombshell presence. The pronoun that is her silhouette. The world looks to be as thick as a lava flow, settling in pools to cool around her. It is she who is the hey and her and yes and most important to understand, hers, while the world is just whatever the world is. Boring without her in it.

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