Monday, June 27, 2011

Sputnik noises

Joe Adranga and Lee Barbier at Haven Gallery, Baton Rouge
Louis Maistros, Anti-Requiem: New Orleans Stories
Brigitte Fontaine, Brigitte Fontaine Est...
Saliva Staib's paintings at the Glassell Gallery
Mood Rings of Saturn at the Hartley Vey Studio, Baton Rouge
Clash of the Titans
Belle & Sebastian, The Life PursuitThe Byrds, Younger Than Yesterday
Flowered Up, "Weekender"

The Charlatans UK, Up to Our Hips
Gillian Welch, The Harrow & the Harvest (twice) and Time: The Revelator
  • I forgot about this one. I like the Sputnik noises. In general.

    The Byrds, "C.T.A.-102"

  • Nobody remembers Flowered Up except my friend Lee who remembers everything. We were talking about 80's bands that had a guy that just danced, like Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Happy Mondays and the Blue Aeroplanes. It's a trend that should be revived, I think, except do people really "have bands" in the same sense as they did then? Maybe if they had a guy that danced, a band would form around him like a reverse oyster/pearl dynamic.
  • I can't bring myself to listen to the whole of the new Bon Iver, especially when there is now a new Gillian Welch record around. Bon Iver clears the air the way one of those expensive Japanese ionizer things does; Gillian Welch does it in the manner of a spring breeze coming across a graveyard.
  • Plus, Say you wanna see my blue jeans hangin' on your ol' clothesline on Welch's "That's the Way The Whole Thing Ends." I'm not given to swooning over come-hither lyrics, but that one does it for me.
  • I never make it to "Acts of the Apostle II" on The Life Pursuit despite it being maybe my favorite pop record of the last 10 years. 

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