Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Record Crate: It's Getting Kinda Heavy

Behold the new improved blog pic starring my giant meatball head. The rarely-spoken-of third Blues Brother is gonna come eat you, music fans of Baton Rouge!

On their ironically named album In the Future, British Columbia's Black Mountain creates rock as heavy as their name -- sludgy Sabbath riffs, lysergic keyboards and everything -- wielding every classic rock cliché with a postmodernist's accuracy. They may seem like they are pushing things with tracks such as "Stormy High" and "Stay Free," but Black Mountain is at the head of a wolf pack of neo-rockers that forgo all ironic distance and let their freak flags fly, as you will get to witness this week at the Spanish Moon.

Another cat who is piloting his zeppelin into our docking station this week is Dax Riggs, formerly of Deadboy & The Elephantmen and Acid Bath, who opens for The Bravery at The Varsity. His sensational album, We Sing of Only Blood or Love, is packed with monstrous tunes delivered like a possessed Robert Plant possessed from Riggs' golden throat.

New Orleans' Zydepunks don't exactly play rock 'n' roll, but you will likely see everything else out of them at their appearance at North Gate Tavern. With two accordions, fiddle, bass and drums, the Zydepunks throw down the meanest Irish/Cajun/Gypsy punk to which you can still drunkenly tango. Link, with the weekly concert listings

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